Family. One of the questions I ask clients in our pre-session consult is simply “Tell me about your family”. It’s a simple question, but it’s important because your family is unique, there is none other like it. We’ll talk about your relationships, your interests, your struggles, your everyday life, your hopes, your dreams, your favorite things! I want to know who you are before we meet, so I’m not just the crazy lady running around putting a camera in your face. I grew up in a big family, I’m one of five siblings and we’re all still super close. I’m married with two daughters and twelve nieces and nephews from babies to tweens to everything in between, so chaos does not freak me out – it’s the water I swim in. I love capturing families of all sizes and I’m always on board for unique circumstances. Photography is meaningful, relationships are complicated, the sky is blue and we can talk through it all.