Maternity & Baby. I’ve had my fair share of pregnancy ups and downs and there is one thing I know for certain – it is a beautiful, amazing, experience and there is absolutely nothing else on earth like it. It’s not all glamorous and shiny hair and glowing skin and cute baby bump instagram pictures, it can be hard and painful and uncomfortable and towards the end you just want it to be over! OR maybe you love every minute of it! That’s the thing, every pregnancy, every birth story, is unique because every woman is different. Whether or not you’re radiating a maternal glow, I will capture the beauty that you may or may not see – because I promise you, it is there. And when that little one comes, whether he or she is your first or last, those first few weeks and months will go by in the blink of an eye, so let’s talk before your little peanut arrives. If you’re looking for posed, perfectly tucked and swaddled baby pictures, I’m not your gal. However, if you’re looking for the raw, the real, the details, the stretches, the tears, the cuddles, the little smiles, let’s talk. I approach newborn photography just like I approach my family sessions – of course, they tend to take a little longer so I always allow extra time when a baby is involved.